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I am contently updating my offerings. Please let me know if there is something you need but do not see. 

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backpack-1839743_960_720 500 Word Fashion Blog
baby-17351_960_720 500 Word Baby Blog
IMG_1405 2000 + Personal Blog
dog-652084_960_720 2000 Word Review


Untitled Poetry Collection
IMG_0004 Poetry Collection
Love Always Poetry Collection
kdp True Story
Keeper of the forest cover Chapter Book
rise of the guardian Chapter Book

*Disclaimer: This work is owned by a client and is not to be used for anything other than a sample of my work. You do not have my permission to recopy this,
as the copyright is not owned by me. Please only use it to understand my abilities as a writer. Otherwise, the owner of this work will have the legal right to take action against you.

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